Is ADHD Controlling Your Life?

Introducing ADHD Coaching so you can find work you don't hate, get promoted, or start a side hustle.

ADHDers let me know if this is you:

You don’t like your job and dream of doing something bigger...

You beat yourself up for the littlest things... 

You feel like the game is rigged against you...

No matter HOW HARD you try, you just can't GET AHEAD...

And after all the YEARS OF LIVING WITH THIS, you still have no idea why:
  • You're always procrastinating

  • Your motivation is so unreliable

  • Everything feels so difficult

It just doesn't seem fair. 

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe this sounds like you…

As somebody with undiagnosed ADHD until 34, I have been there, through THE TOUGH TIMES...
  •  I failed out of my first 6 jobs and businesses

  •  I dropped out of college twice before barely graduating

  •  At 33, I was broke, divorced, and earning minimum wage

I thought I would never succeed

Hi, I'm Aron.

As I learned to manage my ADHD...

  • I excelled in a Fortune 500 corporate career
  • I got promoted four times in six years
  • I got married to an amazing woman
  • I built a side hustle while working full time

But it was a journey to get here:

Even after my ADHD diagnosis, I would smoke weed every night and weekend. Many nights, I would stay home to smoke rather than spend time with friends or family.

As a result, I got more depressed. Even though I held down a job for the very first time, I was still just surviving.
Then I stumbled across a coach who said to use strategies tailored to our unique ADHD brains.

As I used ADHD-targeted strategies, I achieved milestones I never thought possible:

  • Getting promoted
  • Freeing up plenty of time for relaxation and family
  • Enjoying my job
  • Starting a side hustle

It is very foreign for us to feel:

  •   Capable
  • Effective
  • Self-confident

But you can feel those things.

"Easy for you, but I can't do that," you might be thinking...

And you're right. You can't do that — alone.

The dirty little secret is that I couldn't have achieved those without the strategies from my coach.

But CEOs, Olympic athletes, and Tom Brady have coaches...

Yet we ADHDers try to suffer our burden alone.

And the longer we suffer in silence, and the longer we let ourselves and others down, the more we retreat. This ends today.

As your coach, I won't stand for that.

What do you want to achieve…?

  •  Find work you love

  •  Get more relaxation and family time

  •  Start a side hustle

  •  Get promoted

I've walked this path and I'll guide you every step of the way.

What could you achieve with the support of a Harvard-educated ADHDer with a Master's Degree in Coaching Psychology? In my career, I've coached and trained thousands of people.

If you're ready for a new beginning and willing to make changes, then book a discovery call to see what's possible.
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